Lee Kravitz

author • speaker • pilgrim

Unfinished Business


After losing my job, I took stock of my life and realized just how disconnected I had become from the people who mattered most to me, including my wife and kids. Instead of rushing out to try to find a new job, I committed myself to an entire year of attending to the unfinished emotional and spiritual business in my life.

I set out on journeys to find an abandoned relative, repay a thirty-year-old debt, make a long-overdue condolence call, fulfill a forgotten promise and right several other wrongs.  In the process, the reader accompanies me as I travel to a refugee camp in Kenya, a monastery in California, a Little League game in upstate New York, a bar in my native Cleveland, and through the desert in southern Iran, encountering a variety of memorable characters. In each instance, the act of reaching out opens a new path for personal and spiritual growth.

Since its publication in 2010, Unfinished Business has been translated into, French, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesian, Japanese and Korean. The paperback edition features an introduction by Passages author Gail Sheehy, as well as readers’ stories, a discussion guide and a toolkit for addressing your own unfinished emotional business.

“Kravitz has written a triumphant love letter to the human condition.” 

Marlo Thomas

“A great lesson for us all.” 

Mitch Albom

“Kravitz writes with an inspiring sincerity. His experiences are so familiar that it would be hard for readers not to reflect on their own unfinished business—and want to tend to it.”

Washington Post

 “The book has an ecumenical, inclusive, joyful spirituality running like a current under a stream.”


“A refreshingly different kind of bucket list.” 

Reader’s Digest


To learn more, visit www.myunfinishedbusiness.com, which features reader stories, a discussion guide and a downloadable Unfinished Business Toolkit.