Lee Kravitz

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on a journey to a more compassionate life

I am a perpetual seeker. I go on journeys of self-healing and spiritual growth; then I write about them.

Unfinished Business began with the profound emptiness I felt when I lost my job. Before I could move forward with my life, I needed to take stock and make amends—and reconnect with what truly matters. Pilgrim grew from my long-buried yearning for God. After 9/11 and a health scare, I found myself aching for a spiritual home, which compelled me to explore a variety of religions.

Compassion — for oneself and for others — is a big theme for me. I hope that my books will inspire you to go on your own journeys.

News & Updates

  • Hillel Live Chat

    On Skype, from the Washington, D.C., headquarters of Hillel International, I answered questions from all over the world about Pilgrim, spiritual seeking, Jewish identity, and parenting spiritually. I bare my heart in this half-hour back-and-forth, expertly moderated by Hillel VP Sheila Katz. Click here for the video of this inaugural meeting of the Hillel International […]read more »

Upcoming Events

  • Columbia Alumni Authors Book Fair

    On Saturday, October 11th, come meet alumni authors (including Lee) from across all Columbia schools. attend author readings, and browse and purchase the most recent books from the alumni community. Free and open to the public. read more »

Lee’s Blog

My blog at Psychology Today focuses on our unfinished emotional and spiritual business: how we can identify it, keep it from accumulating, and use it to understand who we are and what we value. I report on the relevant science and research, but mostly I feature the stories of people like you and me who are struggling to lead more compass-ionate lives in these challenging times.